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  • Front Desk Staff at Okuma Private Beach & Resort
  • Full time
  • Kunigami-son

Premire Hotel Group

What we do

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About Premier Hotel Group (PHG)

Premier Hotel Group is a professional group offering the best service in hotel business.

Currently PHG provides over 30 hotels across Japan and overseas.
In Okinawa, we operate luxury hotels such as Hyatt Regency Naha Okinawa, Rihga
Royal Gran Okinawa and Okuma Private Beach & Resort.

We are also devoting great effort to hotel management overseas. In Guam, about 40%
of the number of rooms in all hotels are owned by PHG and 5 out of 7 luxury hotels
are under our operation. We are expanding our business in Saipan and California as

Operation Style

In PHG, we have 2 types of hotel operations: Direct and Franchise

Most hotels are directly managed, which means all hotels are owned, managed and
operated by the same company. By adopting the directly managed method, it is
possible to have a quick decision making and provide higher quality service to our

Franchise is a licensing agreement by which a particular hotel is operated under a
particular brand. PGH have franchise agreement with some of the world's leading hotel
chains, such as Hyatt, Hilton and Starwood. This relationship allows us to offer the
high level service in various styles.

Our vision

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Our Vision

40 hotels, 12,000 rooms by 2020

PHG started hotel business from 2003 and has opened more than 30 facilities. We will further accelerate our growth in the future, aiming for 40 hotels and 12,000 rooms in total by 2020.

In addition, PHG is making every effort to contribute to the further development of the hospitality industry in Japan as well as the promotion of tourism in Japan.

There will be many opening positions as we scheduled the opening of new hotels in Yokohama, Guam, and Okinawa.

Our style

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Who this Job Will Appeal to

In PHG , we support people who have aspirations and looking for a greater challenge.
As future development progresses in Okinawa, many opportunities and positions are to be offered.

Always question yourself "What can I do for the hotel and for the customer?"
We provided equal chances regardless of gender, religion or national origin if they have strong will.

Just as much as we care the customer satisfaction level, we care how the employees feel. Therefore, we strongly focus on improving the employee satisfaction.

The Ideal Candidate for this position
We are looking for an enthusiastic candidate that wants to grow in the industry.

Work duties

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[Rooms Department]
Front Desk/Guest service

The front desk and guest service staff creates the Hyatt Regency experience for out guests by offering welcoming, helpful and exceptional service.

Responsibilities and job functions include:
・Greet every guest with a warm smile at our entrance
・Assist guests with check in and check out process
・Provide information to guest and visitor inquiries; coordinate all guest requests for special arrangement of services and courteously
・and all other services related to lodging

Recruitment details

Recruited position
Front Desk Staff at Okuma Private Beach & Resort
Employment type
  • Full time
Job description

Front Desk Staff at Okuma Private Beach & Resort

Application requirements

We are looking for those who want to lean about the top class customer service, those who want to start a new career.
Inexperienced workers are welcomed.
Valid driver license is required.

Work location
913 Aza-Okuma Kunigami-son,Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
Commute/ transportation

You can drive your own car to work
(Employee parking lot available)
Public transportation subsidy is available with regulations

Work hours
7.5 working hours (shift work)

Monthly salary ¥139,000〜¥179,000
Based on age, experience, and ability

Once a year (in March)
According to HR evaluation

Social Insurance
Employee cafeteria
Meal subsidy(250 yen per meal)
Employee parking lot
Private dormitory (11,000JPY per month)
Overtime allowance
Late night allowance
Annual paid holidays
Children care leave
Nursing care leave
Retirement allowance system etc.

Holidays/ leave

February :7 days off
Other months except for February: 8 days off
(Total:95 days off in one year)

Recruitment/ selection details

Selection process
How to apply
Please apply by clicking the JOB ANTENNA GLOBAL “Apply” button below.
To Nakazato・Nagata
913 Aza-Okuma, Kunigami-son,Kunigami-gun,Okinawa


Premire Hotel Group company information

About the company

3-6-20 Makishi Naha City Okinawa
Jul 31, 2014
Taketo Sato
Number of employees
(Male to female ratio:Male 4: Female 6)
Business details
hotel management and operation