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“Okinawa culture transmission”Sales・Planning Specialist are Wanted!!

  • Sales・Planning Specialist
  • Full time
  • Itoman-shi

JCC Co., Ltd.

What we do

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We are developing various businesses mainly in the restaurant industry
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Okinawa resort hotel Hyakuna Garden. The hotel is built with Okinawa's materials, such as red tiles and Ryukyu limestone. It is a Japanese-style building that coexist with nature in harmony

■ JCC tell and create the story of "Okinawa culture" .
JCC Group has six businesses. 1. Hotel, 2. Restaurant Services, 3. Food Manufacturing and overseas trade, 4. Wedding Service 5. Treatment Food Delivery, 6. Publication and contents.
The common philosophy that goes through all six divisions is a strong sense of mission that "Okinawa culture will be spread widely, deeply and correctly to the world, making Okinawa even more attractive".
We are widely and strongly recruiting people who will promote this philosophy.

JCC has been growing as a company that can contribute to Okinawa.
In the restaurant business, we operate about 40 stores which are fulfilling regional development and local contribution. In the Hotel Business, since opening " Hyakuna Garden " on April 17, 2012, we pursue "Ryukyu hospitality". We are evaluated as the only hotel that is unparalleled elsewhere. Besides that, we are expanding our vision not only in Japan but also overseas.

In February 2014, we opened "Japanese and Okinawan cuisine, Adan", produced by Hyakuna Garden at the Naha Airport New International Terminal. Furthermore, on April 21, 2016, "Okinawa cuisine Adan KITTE Hakata store" was opened at Hakata station in Fukuoka prefecture. We are going to distribute Okinawa culture to the whole world.

Our vision

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Hyakuna Garden Hotel received "Continental Winner (Asia Continent Award) for the second consecutive year at the World Luxury Hotel Awards 2015 (World Luxury Hotel Awards 2015)
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We value Okinawa’s culture

We will continue to disseminate Okinawa culture widely, deeply and correctly!
Since JCC found in 1993, we have been developing food centered businesses with the mission "to spread Okinawa culture widely, deeply and correctly to the whole world".

Today, we have expanded our business with dining out, hotel, bridal, food manufacturing, trade, health food delivery, etc., and all of them propagate Okinawa culture.

We think that Okinawa culture is the most powerful and unrivaled "goods".
We are strongly faced with our mission that Okinawa culture must be propagated widely, deeply and correctly.
We will not only distribute the traditional Okinawa culture, but also accept and integrate excellent information and cultures into our own, so we are able to create more powerful Okinawa culture.
The progenitors of Okinawa had done this a long time ago. For instance, the name of the Okinawa’s representative dish “Chanpul” is originally from Indonesian, with the meaning “mixing”. The seasoning essential for Okinawa Soba Noodles is called co-race is a medicine of Korea.

We have noticed in the process of pursuing the mission " disseminate Okinawa culture widely, deeply correctly to the world", that is not only the guideline for us but furthermore it is essential power and permanent engine as our company grows and develops.

In that sense as well, we believe that the most powerful way to introduce ourselves to the world is to defend, create and convey the special nature of Okinawa culture.

Our style

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We provide great service, and delivery comfort beyond customer’s expectation
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As a human resource development, we do not focus on training our employees to become specialists. We expect our employees to become a generalist who can do anything

We, JCC, stick to "Okinawa culture", as a company born in Okinawa!
JCC is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis on race, color, education back ground, creed, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability or other legally protected status.

JCC's Code of Conduct
■ Give "Smile", "Excitement" and "Satisfaction"
■ Deliver sincere and health to our customers.
■ To pursue hygiene environments for customers and provide safety and security.
■ We aim to be an organization capable of constantly adapting to changes
■ Become the company loved by our hometown

If you want to contribute to the development of Okinawa together, let 'JCC be your destination.
We are looking forward to seeing you!

Work duties

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We would like to ask you to promote our hotels and restaurants.
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Joins us, if you are interested in becoming the supervisor of our hotels and restaurants.

Sales・Planing Specialist

What will I be doing?

For the sales position:
-Connect with travel agencies, and suggest them to accept our hotels and restaurants hosting their travelers.
There will be senior members to coach you about all the skills and knowledge.

For the Planing Specialist:
-From store development(arrangement of properties, concept, design) to planing promotion plan and stores' menu.

Both position requires great communication skill and great personality.

Recruitment details

Recruited position
Sales・Planning Specialist
Employment type
  • Full time
Job description

Sales, planning and development

Application requirements

・must have a valid Japanese driver license or an international driver license
・know how to use Word, Excel, Power Point
・For the Planning and Development position, must know how to use Illustrator

Work location
4-16-16 Nishizakicho Itoman City Okinawa
Commute/ transportation

You can drive your own car to work.

Work hours

Monthly salary ¥200,000〜
Based on skill, experience and performance

Yes, there will be salary raising

Social insurance,
Employee discount,
and other benefits

Holidays/ leave

Sunday and Japanese national holiday

Recruitment/ selection details

Selection process

Mail us your resume please

How to apply
Please apply by clicking the JOB ANTENNA GLOBAL “Apply” button below.
HR: Koga
〒901-6250 4-16-16 Nishizakicho, Itoman CIty, Okinawa, Japan


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