Privacy Policy

Handling of personal information RyukyuInteractive, Inc. (“Company” hereinafter) makes every effort to manage appropriately personal information on the users of the JOB ANTENNA GLOBAL service operated by the Company (“Service” hereinafter), and handles user information containing personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy established below (“Policy” hereinafter).

1. The Company’s handling of personal information

Handling of personal information shall be conducted pursuant to the Company’s Privacy Policy.

2. Personal information

Personal information refers to information concerning individuals for which it would be possible, from the descriptions and other constituent parts of such information, to identify specific individuals. In addition, personal information also includes information that, while not itself making it possible to identify specific individuals, can be compared against other information easily and, as a result, would make it possible to identify individual users.

3. Purposes of collecting personal information

Except in cases such as when separate notification is provided concerning purposes of use, personal information collected shall be used only within the scope of purposes of use clearly indicated in advance. Purposes of use of personal information are listed below:
    • ・ To provide recruitment information and information on recruiting companies to users
    • ・ To disclose and provide information to recruiting companies with the approval of users
    • ・ To provide services to users and identify individuals when using member services
    • ・ To distribute and send email newsletters and various types of information with the consent of users
    • ・ To seek interview subjects for the monitoring of services and for content preparation
    • ・ To conduct surveys and prepare and disclose statistical data
    • ・ For use in interviews, support, and advice regarding the status of users’ job-hunting activities
    • ・ To respond to inquiries from users
    • ・ To provide hiring services on behalf of customers
    • ・ For use in Scout messages from companies posting information on the site
    • ・ To respond to inquiries, complaints, and consultation regarding the holding of and provision of information on exhibitions and seminars
    • ・ Other purposes of use of information as necessary in providing services
Registration of personal information by users shall be voluntary. However, in some cases, the use of some services may be restricted if a user fails to enter the information required for such services.

4. Management of personal information

The Company shall implement, on a continual basis, technical and organizational security measures with regard to the prevention and correction of unauthorized access to personal information as well as its loss, damage, unauthorized alteration, leakage, etc., and shall strive to protect customer personal information.

5. Restrictions on use of personal information

The Company shall not use personal information beyond the purposes of use indicated when collecting such information, and shall not provide it to any third parties without the consent of the individual concerned. However, this shall not apply in the following cases:
  • (1) When required by laws or regulations
  • (2) When necessary to protect human life, health, or property, and it would be difficult to obtain the consent of the individual concerned
  • (3) When entrusting all or part of the business conducted by the Company to a third party
  • (4) When disclosing it to a party subject to nondisclosure obligations to the Company
  • (5) When authorized under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information or other laws or regulations

6. Structure for protection of personal information

The Company’s Representative Director shall serve as the Chief Privacy Officer and shall, together with information security staff appointed by the Representative Director, decide on policies related to the handling of personal information and check on the status of their operation. Employees also shall be provided with training on the protection of personal information.

7. Updates to the Privacy Policy

The Company may modify this Policy as necessary for reasons related to its operation or other reasons. Since important changes to the Policy will be announced on the Service site or the Company’s corporate website, please check those sites from time to time. However, in the event of changes whose content requires obtaining the consent of users under laws or regulations, the consent of users shall be obtained through a method specified by the Company.
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Established October 1, 2014
Revised May 8, 2017
Revised May 23, 2018